AWS Solution Architect Study Guide

The goal of this guide to helps in preparation to pass AWS Solution Architect - Associate certification aka SAA-C02. Target audience is a people who already knows cloud concepts or other cloud ex. Azure.

All information, links which this post contains I take from my learning process and how I prepare to pass this exam.


AWS Solution Architect - Associate certification is one of most recognized exam in IT next to Azure certifications so it is quite usefull to pass. My goal in passing this exam is to confirm my knowledge and to have information in which areas I need to goes deeper.

When I start to learn AWS cloud I was before my last exam on Azure Solution Architect - Expert path so I have allready some deep knowledge about cloud and cloud concepts. Whole learning process with some hands-on exeperience tooks my around 3 months till exam pass.

Learning resources

The most valueable resource is of course documentation itselfe and hands-on experience but study everything could take some time 😉. So below is a short list of valuable resources:

  1. AWS Well-Architected Framework - this is the most valueable resource on whole list
  2. AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate - certification page
  3. Exam Guide - This document briefly describe exam and areas which take into account
  4. YouTube course
  5. Udemy course

Tips & Tricks

I hope this SAA-C02 guide helps you to pass the exam and get AWS Solution Architect Associate certification. I also recommends to open free AWS account if you don’t have one yet. You can create one here.

During you study focus on variouse topics like:

  • IAM - how access management works
  • S3 - this one of core services on which depends many other services
  • ELB - conepts about Load Balancers and when to use NLB or ALB
  • EC2 - when to use appropriate tier and how to optimize pricing using ex. spot instances

I hope you enjoy my guide in case if I miss any worth to mention link? Let my know in comments.