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AZ-500 Security Engineer Study Guide

Recently I just pass my AZ-500 Security Engineer exam in this blog post I would like to summarise my overall exam experience and give some tips & tricks how to prepare.


This is a point on which I spend most of my time, maybe together with a Hands-On πŸ‘ˆ. To quickly summarise some links:

Video courses

I used the video as a quick reminder and filling in the gaps. Here I can provide only single link to Udemy course.

Hands-on experience

I think that this most important part during prepariation for this exam.
You should practice some Networking concepts like:

  • Network Security Groups
  • Application Security Groups
  • Private Endpoints
  • Combinations of VNETs with Subnets and NSG
  • Azure Firewall

Of course there could be also many questions from Identity Management and Azure AD so some practice here is also recommended. What was the biggest surprise for me? Many questions are related to Azure Sentinel and does one are most tricky for me because I don’t spend much time with this service.

Wrap up

In Internet there are many Study Guides for this specific exam however in my opinion combination of Microsoft Learn + Microsoft Docs + Hands-On = PASS.

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