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Cloud Weekly - Episode 1

Cloud Weekly is a series of blog posts which summaryze news from Azure, AWS or GCP world.


The raise of 5G allow to build new fast solutions using edge computing and Private LTE/5G Networks. In Microsoft offering there are several services which allow to consume benefits of fast mobile networks. Those services are Azure Stack Edge together with Azure Network Function Manager. In my opinion this is a quite interesting concept to use mobile networks especially in “remote” world.

As we know above our heads in space there is some stuff called ISS (International Space Station). ISS on board use edge computing using HPE Spaceborne Computer-2 and only small blocks of usefull data is transfered to Earth for further processing using power of Azure cloud.

As we know Azure Migrate is a powerfull service which allow to migrate various workloads. Today Microsoft annouce preview of agentless ASP.NET web apps discovery… I need to check how it works in real life πŸ™‚.

Security is a really important point in our life as developers, architects or event users of cloud services. Microsoft have several services which helps to improve security of our applications. In my opition looking on DevSecOps “principels” Azure Repos service will be integrated with GitHub soon to improve security of SDLC.

Cloud providers have most advance and secure infrastructure in the world. The next confirmation of this is announcement of Top Secrete Azure “region”…


In many scenarios our requirements is to have a fast read-only database in front of our “backend” databases to reduce latency of our application. Amazon MemoryDB simplify overall architecture and could be used as our single point database. This database as AWS suggests is fast engouth to replace Redis used in front. In my opinion it is quite interesting concept to simplify architecture and remove some moving parts. The final question is how much this is cost?


Today thats all of news from previous week. Stay tune for next episode.

Photo byΒ Obi - @pixel6propix onΒ Unsplash