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Cloud Weekly - Episode 2

Cloud Weekly is a series of blog posts which summaryze news from Azure, AWS or GCP world.

This week there are a little amount news from cloud but I have few resources from DevOps world which I think could be quite interesting.


2021 is almost done but there is enought time for some trends. From my perspective quite interesting are topics related to AIOps & Low-Code Ops. I think in next year those trends will further evolve + mayby more FinOps??? We will see in 2022.

As name suggests…Today summary I think how some interesting topics for me DataOps


Amazon Textract is a simply OCR as a service on steroids which recently receive update to allow scan invoice and recepies. Today this service is also cheaper… I need to compare this one with an Azure equivalent service.

!!!Happy Birthday AWS EC2!!! Today EC2 turns 15th years old only 3 years left πŸ˜€.


Today thats all of news from previous week. Stay tune for next episode.

Photo byΒ Obi - @pixel6propix onΒ Unsplash