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Cloud Weekly - Episode 3

Cloud Weekly is a series of blog posts which summaryze news from Azure, AWS or GCP world.

This week of Cloud Weekly is almost entirely devoted to AWS.


Today world produce a lot of data and many systems consume them understand the source of data and data itself is a huge topic. It can be quite interesting event especially for those who are working on data warehouses in day to day work.


Next event now from AWS… Whole event was streamed on Twitch.

New features are comming to Amazon EFS. Elastic File Storage are getting more Inteligent and provide next lifecycle feature that automatically optimizes costs for shared file storage when data access patterns change, without operational overhead.

I would say that Amazon S3 are getting more global now πŸ˜‰. New S3 feature allows you to define global endpoints that span buckets in multiple AWS Regions. With S3 Multi-Region Access Points, you can build multi-region applications with the same simple architecture used in a single region.

Next new feature in Amazon S3. To simplify I would provide quote from AWS news

Today, we’re pleased to announce two updates to further enhance savings.

S3 Intelligent-Tiering now has no minimum storage duration period for all objects. Monitoring and automation charges are no longer collected for objects smaller than 128 KB.

Our applications produces a lot of logs and we need to consume them/display. Amazon provide next great service for us which is Managed Grafana instance. We no longer need to deal with setup and management of Grafana.


This week was huge from AWS announcements we will what happens in next week. Stay tune for next episode.

Photo byΒ Obi - @pixel6propix onΒ Unsplash