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Cloud Weekly - Episode 4

Cloud Weekly is a series of blog posts which summaryze news from Azure, AWS or GCP world.


As we know security is an important thing. Today Microsoft announced few improvements into Azure Firewall together with availability in new regions.

Microsoft annouced also Zone-Redundant Disk Storage together with shared disk capability in could be quite powerful feature for many applications. I will quote example from MS mentioned blog post.

Customers can take advantage of ZRS disks for their container applications hosted on multi-zone Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) for higher reliability. If a zone goes down, AKS will automatically fail over the stateful pods to a healthy zone by detaching and attaching ZRS disks to nodes in the healthy zone. We recently released the ZRS disks support in AKS through the CSI driver.


As we know afert some licensing changes in Elastic Search Amazon create its own fork. Today this fork is renamed to OpenSearch. πŸ₯³

Elastic Containers & Elastic Kubernetes Services are become general available this week. To briefly explain this services allow to install the same PaaS distribution of Docker & Kubernetes as used in AWS on VMware vSphere in our datacenter. Later in 2022 it will be possible to do the same on bare metal.


This week most interesting thing is for me avalability of Azure Disk Storage as zone-redundat. Stay tune for next week episode.

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