How My Blog Is Configured

This blog post showcase how to quickly and on budget setup new blog using Azure. As a small disclaimer this is only a companion to YouTube video linked below.

The Stack

Current version of my blog is fully hosted as previously using Azure services. I have some criteria for my blog like:

  • simplicity
  • fast
  • typing focused
  • simple commenting

To meet my criteria and create quick and simple blog I use Hugo framework as core of my blog and it is simply static site generator. For comments I use utterances which store all comments as GitHub issues on dedicated repository.

Additionaly some services are required to host all things. Below is list with small description of each one:

  • Storage Account - is used as name suggest as storage for static content
  • Azure CDN - is used to cache everything on the edge and additionally provide custom domain with SSL certificate

All content of this blog is stored on GitHub and GitHub Actions is used to deploy everthing to Storage Account.


As a companion I record this short introduction of overall process of configuration (walk thru) on Azure.