My First Workshops - Initial Impressions

Together with Azure Community Poland we organize free workshops Azure cloud. In this post I will summarize my lessons learn and observations.

Learn something new

My main idea behind workshops organization was to give someone a little of my knowledge and exchange experiences. To summarize this I put some points which are most important to me:

  • Learn others about Azure DevOps\Terraform basics
  • Give some idea how to configure Software Development Life-Cycle
  • Gathered some knowledge about problems people have
  • Start in role of conversation moderator

Those two last points are most important for me because gave me some insight view about other people responsibilities and problems in DevOps world.

Workshops organization

This is most problematic point in which I have some thoughts what could go better.

  • Give clear information about content level (beginner, advance, expert)
  • Prepare agenda - it could be a simply single Power Point slide
  • Candidates verification - many people simply not come to workshops

If you have any idea how to verify candidates just give me some info about that. Current status is that from 15 candidates only 5 comes šŸ¤”.

How to fight stress

On beginning I was really stressed out and not sure of my knowledge, however when meeting starts all the stress flew away. What could give some boost? For me you can find that points below.

  • Be sure that you have at least 1% more knowledge in some areas than others
  • Be sure that people mostly come to talk about some specific topics
  • Everybody on workshops want to gain some knowledge from others
  • You don’t have to be perfect at everything
  • No one knows everything


To summarize workshops organization was for me a great adventure and Iā€™m also happy about knowledge that I gave others and of course this parts which I take for myself.

Will I try to organize another workshops? Iā€™m 100% sure that I will.