New Beginning

So something new begin and I think it will be a lot of fun. The triggers behind new fresh and shiny blog was some changes in 2020 (Yes It was a crazy year).

New blog

I know some of you will ask “Why new blog? What was wrong with old one?”.

One of main trigger was my cloud interest but this is not only one trigger I also change a job, pass Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification and start Czwartki z architekturΔ… online meetings (so far) with my friend Agnieszka Cent.

So the previous year was quite intensive…


I’m pleased with simple things so I want to simplify my blogging experience with new simple design and removal of all analytics, comments and so on.

So what’s coming? I would like to focus on few areas

  • Cloud
  • Architecture
  • Governance

The blog will be updated by written and recorded video content from my YouTube channel.

And I forgot content will be 100% in english.

The reason is quite simple.

  • I assume that most my readers is from IT and at least are able to read in English
  • I want to sharpen my English skills


It is time for some resolutions for 2021. I know this is almost end of 1st quarter of the year but I think for resolutions is never too late.

So I have one resolution for this blog:

  1. Done Is Better Than Perfect - For me it simply means write and record video don’t wait for great idea but simply sit and start typing

It is time for some learnings resolutions now. In middle of 2020 I start with idea “I want to be Cloud Solution Architect some day” at the end of year I pass my first Solution Architect Certification. It is time for more:

  1. Earn next Solution Architect certification - my goal is to understand all three major cloud providers so I want to pass certifications from AWS and GCP as well
  2. Blog and record video at least twice a month - I want to develop a habit of writing and recording and also provide some content regularly